Includes everything you need to start an official Company.R800 once off



Description Amount
Change of name of Close Corporations R650.00
Close Corporation Members Change R500.00
Close Corporations Address Change R250.00
Appointment of new accounting officer R500.00
Conversion of Close Corporation to Company R1350.00

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Description Amount
Draft of Shareholders Agreement or partnership Agreement R5000.00
Draft of Memorandum of Incorporations for a Private Company R2500.00
Draft of Memorandum of Incorporations for a Incorporated Company R3000.00
Draft of Other Agreements Quote on Request

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Description Amount
Registration of a new Company (including all documents and lodgement) R800.00
Registration Non-Profit Company R800.00
Registration of a incorporated Company R800.00
Reinstatement of a Company/CC R3500.00+Annual return fees
Deregistration of a company/CC R2500.00
Name reservation R250.00
Company Directors Change R500.00
Company Auditor Change R500.00
Change of financial year end including lodgement R250.00
Change of Address R200.00
Change of name of company R600.00
Issue of share Certificate(per certificate) R200.00
Domain name registration ( R200.00
Registration Customised Memorandum of Incorporation R2500.00
Filling of annual returns with CIPC excluding CIPC fees(per year) R350.00
UIF Registration R200.00

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Legal Information Services offers a wide range of services including company registrations, Agreements, Deregistration of a company, Drafts, Domain registration whether all requirements by law have been met and drafting of Last document and Testaments.

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